WWAHost.exe YouTube8

YouTube8Hello, YouTube lovers! I have news for you! Windows 8 brings to you its YouTube8 App. With this App you can search for your favorite YouTube videos and displays then directly in the App. Search YouTube videos all you want and share it with your family and friends with the YouTube8 App with great speed. Everyone loves to watch their favorite videos on YouTube and post exciting videos of themselves as well. YouTube is one platform which is packed with entertainment and helps us share wonderful content with our family and friends. Whether you feel like listening to your favorite music, watch hilarious clips, or get annoyed by the annoying orange, everyone loves to be on YouTube. For this very reason, the YouTube8 App of windows 8 assists you in searching for your most adored YouTube videos. It is extremely easy to use and has some exciting features as well.

WWAHost.exe WordPress.com

WordPressView articles and photography on travel, food, art, and entertainment, etc with the WordPress App of windows 8. Also, be able to share our favorite content with your family and friends. Not only this, you can also be able to share your wonderful photos, links, and quotes from any App on your WordPress App. This is a very innovative App and helps you share a variety of content with your family and friends. This App provides you with a great platform from where you can share a huge range of photos, videos, and quotes etc with your family and friends. You can stay connected with your loved ones and be able to share funny jokes and inspirational quotes that will surely put a smile on their face. This App is easy to use and helps you stay connected with your loved ones. If you are the type that loves to share your favorite content with your friends and family, then download the WordPress App of windows 8 today!

WWAHost.exe Wordament (32 bit)

WordamentLearn new words and become a pro of this new word game app introduced by windows 8. The Wordament App of windows 8 is a unique word game. So get geared up to engage yourselves in a magnificent word tournament where you will be competing with the entire internet world to become the Wordament champion. Many users have commended this App and have marked it as one of their most favorite word games. Every board has over 100 words with every playable tile. Moreover, you can use the dictionary to help you find the most common words that you have missed. This is a very fun and entertaining game. You also learn a lot of new vocabulary words when you play this game. The Wordament App is suitable to be played by all ages. This App also has 50 awesome themed puzzles where you get the opportunity of getting bonus points when you are able to find the words of specific themes. Themes may be of animals, vegetables, or sports, etc. There is also a ranking system, which informs you about your ranking among the global Wordament players. So get ready to play a very competitive word game. Give you brain cells a little push and become a global Wordament champion.

VideoRecepies.exe Videorecepies.com (32 bit)

Video RecipesVideo Recipes is a special app for all those home cooks out there. This application is going to be your helping hand in the kitchen. Users can now make delicious dishes at home in a couple of minutes. Follow the recipe step by step and produce mouth watering dishes every day. HD videos illustrate the entire process of cooking, starting from preparation till the serving. Create healthy dishes and live a healthier life. Video Recipes also supports pictures. At the end of the day no matter how haggard you seem to be, a good meal will always uplift your mood. There is no need to ask such queries, “What should I make for dinner today”? Just simply view this app and get started. Inspire the people around you with your cooking skills. So what are you waiting for? Put on your apron and start cooking.